back to basics

May 1, 2014

Instead of the 3 Rs: Reading, ‘Riting & ‘Rithmetic, , I think it is necessary for schools to adapt what they teach in a post-industrial society.  Maybe something like Communication, Logic & Ethics is more appropriate.  In a world where professional ethics seems to be a mere afterthought, I think it needs to be integrated with all lessons.  I am not saying we should espouse a certain way of thinking but we could better equip each individual to reflect and think deeply about matters for themselves. I think much of scientific enquiry is divorced of more qualitative aspects.  I understand why people prefer more quantitative measures:  after all, they seem to be more objective and directly manageable.  Unfortunately, most vital things are more complicated than that.  Like most things there needs to be balance: they are not necessarily equal but both need to be accounted for.