98 degrees

April 27, 2010

maybe i’m just used to the heat because of consecutive 40+ days in Adelaide.

what time is it?

April 26, 2010

summertime. the heatwave in the Philippines has given my mum and sis headaches.

half past dead

April 25, 2010

you have to let go of the past to truly move forward.

what you need is more important.

music and lyrics

April 21, 2010

i can no longer play the saxophone the way i used to.

dusty road

April 20, 2010

what is my path?

candle in the wind

April 19, 2010

12 candles are to be lighted for my sickness.

the others

April 18, 2010

it took me some time to accept things, so it’s no surprise other people will eventually adjust to my condition.

i sometimes get tired trying when your efforts are barely acknowledged.

the hurt

April 15, 2010

i bruised my mum’s finger unintentionally.