confused much?

March 25, 2008

The good news is that my GP says my MRI and blood tests are normal. Supposedly I don’t have any of the usual suspects: cancer, MS, a tumor, a blood clot, a stroke, etc. The bad news is that they don’t know what it is either and I have to see a specialist separately to figure out my out-of-place symptom. That is, I have no prescribed medication nor do I know what I can do to get back my coordination. Instead, I have to wait for the appointment to come in the mail. They just want to be careful – I just want to get on with the business of getting better.

faux courage

March 24, 2008

People are freaked everytime I use the ‘S’ word – so i now tend to say it’s a balance issue. I kind of understand them but I think it does me no good to think that way. Perhaps I’m still in denial (it’s been awfully long though) or it just being mayabang but I don’t reckon so. Then again, I have perplexed a number of people with my symptoms. It is inconvenient for me but more so for my wife.

If anything else, I think she has exhibited real courage more than anyone else. It is her and my son that have probably kept me solution-oriented (as my friend puts it). Don’t worry about it, I’m not.

real friendship

March 19, 2008

I don’t have a lot of friends (go figure!) but the few that I have are real ones. The few that know (and not needlessly) of my current situation are concerned. I thank them for that. Now if I could only leverage that into sympathy…

But, alas, I am fine and strangely enough consider myself lucky. That said, it it good to know that you have people available to help you when necessary. “God” bless them for being worried!

stroke of genius

March 17, 2008

Apparently my GP says I’ve had a mild (read as localized) stroke but she won’t be certain until I have my MRI (oh how I hate cramped spaces). Anyway, it just goes to show you that I’m not as good as some people think. Thankfully, otherwise I’d be dead by now. =)

Not to make light of this (particularly as I have little one) but it probably has helped that my partner has been through so much more and that for the most part it is more inconvenient than anything else that is why I am not as fussed or relatively calm. That said, I do plan on getting better (and having to do the “hard yards” of what I think is involved). Perhaps, I should “express my disgust” a bit more rather than internalise most of it (as I have been trained to do so). Hell, any excuse to curse is fine by me.