waiting to exhale

January 5, 2017

Saw Birdman a few nights ago on free-to-air tv and it made me think.  Is this blog a feeble attempt at relevance?  I don’t really use FB (because like internet browsing it can lead you down a time-consuming rabbit hole) or tweet (because I have verbal diarrheoa).  Although it’s very hard for me to type, writing does help with my sanity.

I am used to working two jobs (usually one full-time and another as a casual) and now I have none.  Many say I’m “Iucky” because I can’t help around the house anymore and have a valid “excuse”, am I really that “fortunate” to lose my balance and co-ordination? Do they even stop to think maybe I don’t want to be on the lounge and watch all day.  Forget walking, what I would have given for my speech to be left intelligible (now it’s only my wife that mostly understands me) so I could have tried to hang on to my last job for longer.

I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses but instead I need a handheld magnifier to read “small” fonts because I’m legally blind (although I can still see).  It’s getting around with a walker that most concerns me about losing my eyesight.  I wish I could adjust the size and contrast of subtitles to suit my preferences.

There’s still a lot I want to see but most sites are pretty much inaccessible.  That’s perhaps why my interest in food is more pronounced.  I can’t even drink a hot beverage on my own (and I really love coffee).    Sure, I no longer cook nor bake (I was rather fond and quite “good” at both) but I can still enjoy eating – although I now refrain from bones and soup (as they are “tricky” for me).  I’ve given up alcohol since I use a straw to drink (since I don’t want to be easily intoxicated with all the air I ingest and drinking wine is just stupid).  Although, I suspect, I would’ve been naturally weaned off the stuff as my wife’s allergic and I’ve got a son who’s still too young to drink. Moreover, I’m not really a fan of waiting for my food to cool down; or expecting for a straw or a bowl (because I need them to feed myself independently) to come as those around me begin eating.

It’s the ordinary things I find troublesome like stairs, buttons, inclines and writing implements.  It takes me longer to dress, brush my teeth manually (automated brushes often have small bristle “footprints” and I can’t floss), cut my finger nails (I can no longer groom my own toe nails) and use an electric shaver. The only reason I can go to the toilet and bathe myself is because of the equipment (a raiser and a shower chair & bars respectively).  Aside from not being comfortable, I find the concept of adult diapers disgusting.  Also, I’ve got to pee more often as I can no longer hold my bladder.  Don’t get me started on how toilet doors open and the cramped spaces – poor design often results from a lack of empathy or thought.

I know it shouldn’t bother me but I used to be a “fast” walker for my height. Now because I walk very slowly and carefully, I lag very much behind my family.  Maybe it’s a thing I got so used to. I can no longer play basketball which was my main form of recreation and exercise (and stress relief).

I hate it when I’m told to think of others who struggle more than me.  It makes me even “sadder” for them and not grateful that my condition could be worse (and don’t feel “better” at all).

I don’t usually whinge but I’ve been told in order to truly move on I need to vent on occasion – so pardon the collection of complaints, I’ll try to avoid such posts.

as you like it

August 1, 2013

one of the things i like about Australia is you can like what you  and not give a stuff.  This was markedly different to the culture I grew up in – sure what other’s think is sometimes relevant but most of the time it’s unimportant.   I was first exposed to this in my graduate studies back in 2001.  You  weren’t expected to dress “nice” for everyday events – you could generally ruck up how you please.  The laid-back attitude suited me fine. Don’t get me wrong, I think you need to dress appropriately for each occasion but I’ve always felt that comfort is more important than porma – you tend to be judged on what you wear.

It didn’t matter so much if you prefered a top drop or completely content with a “value” bottle of plonk – all our tastes are different.  Sure, some “gourmets” are considered as wankers but that has more to do with pretense than what they enjoy.  You’re not constantly feeling judged.  Some people think it (that can’t be helped), but at least they generally leave you alone to live your own life.

When a female friend came to stay with us a while, she was pleasantly surprised that no one stared at her every time she dined alone unlike back where we’re originally from.  We told her that’s just the way it is here.  It’s not all good – al cultures are damaged.  We still experience some racism – although it’s much milder now.  We suspect some of it has gone underground with the advent of political correctness.  It’s simply a matter of what you can deal with.  What did Bismark say (something like) :  “Never argue with fools, people might not know the difference.”

I embraced being a nerd back in high school but I think it was more a function of rebellion than anything else I – I have since “accepted” this fact.  This is something from Wil Wheaton, an American actor who was a cast member of Star Trek: The Next Generation:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_BtmV4JRSc#at=71 It’s about nerds and being true to yourself.

vanity kills

February 25, 2012

today, my wife made an appointment with a barber to have both my hair and my son’s hair to be cut.  i usually just have a no. 2 all over because it’s easier to maintain.  it’s going to be a hassle because we’re already at ease with him but we’re going to have to find another barber with a shop closer to the new house.