shake my soul

February 23, 2011

the eartquake in New Zealand is terrible.

through a mirror darkly

February 11, 2011

i could not fix the mirror when i almost fell in the toilet yesterday.


February 9, 2011

when my son sees an ambulance he gets exited – i guess me being sick and sometimes my wife is in the hospital is “normal” for him.

bad moon rising

February 3, 2011

Cyclone Yasi spared Cairns but hit Northern Queensland.  with the floods in Middle and Southern Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Northern Victoria being attributed to La Nina – it’s hard to discount the effects of Global Warming.

free fallin’

February 3, 2011

yesterday, i fell on my face.  i saw the roof of an ambulance for the first time to get stitches at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.  my son was so brave despite the sight of blood – he got the towel and ice.  i’m fine physically but my pride is wounded – instead of taking care of my family (the way it’s allways been) they are taking care of me.

walk like a man

February 1, 2011

my son doesn’t know what a walkman is much less a cassette tape – i remember when you needed it in lieu of a disk drive.