some kind of blue

May 27, 2008

It’s the small things that frustrate me – thank God for my wife. I can still mostly do what I did before but “painfully” slow (like this entry for example) so I don’t do some of the stuff for practical purposes. Good thing I am somewhat “handy” with my left as otherwise this would take forever.

I am home now by the way. I have at least more time for exercise. I feel stronger now but my balance is still an issue. I am looking at alternative means now as traditional medicine has seemed to hit a roadblock of sorts.

One day – soon I hope…

20/20 foresight

May 3, 2008

They say hindsight is 20/20. Problems of Prime Minister Rudd’s 2020 summit aside – I actually think it takes some guts (and a bit wise) to ask other smart people (particularly the young who’ll inherit this mess and be the leaders at that time) what they think. I’m sure it can be done much better but the fact is – it’s amazing an Aussie PM would do this at all.