January 31, 2011

my friend from Melbourne visited me the other night – i remember when i drove from Adelaide to Melbourne.

missing you

January 30, 2011

my son and i both miss my wife in the hospital since Wednesday – not for the reasons you expect.

thanks to Ate Emy, Sam and Ate Tess my son and i ate “normally.”


January 28, 2011

i want my son to be older so he can take care of himsef – call it selfish but i also want to see him grow up.

someone to watch over me

January 27, 2011

i spent the last few days with my son.  i can barely take care of  myself as is – much less him.

advance Australia fair

January 26, 2011

today is Australia day – kind of like the 4th of July in America.

raising boy(s)

January 22, 2011

my son turned 7 today – i hope one day i can become the father he deserves.