barely breathing

January 31, 2012

my current speech therapist thinks i am too tense and exert too much effort when i speak because i try too hard.  she acknowledges that it’s easy to say relax but hard to do – she recommends breathing exercises so i can produce a better sound.

working class man

January 30, 2012

Djokovic beat Nadal in 5 sets last night.  at almost 6 hours, it was the longest men’s single final in history.  he deserved it after beating Murray in the semis and struggling with allergies.  i’m not a fan of Novak but after Rafa won the 4th set and his excellent physical conditioning, you have to respect his efforts to hold on and win the match – i guess heart and determination sometimes trumps everything else.

dazed and confused

January 29, 2012

in reading about learning theories, there are so many of them that it’s confusing.  some parts are a bit familiar which makes me more conflicted.  the ironic thing is “real” learning only takes place when criticisms are properly processed.


January 28, 2012

the ABC showed Adam Hills’ stand up act, Inflatable, last Thursday. while i agree with his premise, trouble is  making others happy is not in my nature.

state of the nation

January 27, 2012

Obama recently gave his State Of the Nation Address.  i used to follow American politics because i thought it was interesting but in a world where countries’ economies are connected and global markets affect each other, one has to pay close attention.

waltzing matilda

January 26, 2012

it’s Australia Day today.  despite a thriving wine industry, this country is not pretentious – you like what you like.  you can dress anyway you choose; coming from a culture with a high power distance – it’s a welcome change.

three’s a crowd

January 25, 2012

my son, wife and i don’t fit on our queen bed – maybe if i prepared gradually for the fact i’d get used to it like i was younger.  i used to move to the sofa to sleep because i had less space than a single mattress and evertyime i moved i’d inadvertently hit my wife – that’s why i now sleep in the room alone.