life’s purpose

June 29, 2008

i had a good run.  Hell, i had a great run. But, i had my son which i’ve always felt was my life’s purpose. Now i have to raise him as best i can to become the man i know he can become. The hard part.  Of course, the doctor’s said he would never be born.  i knew otherwise.  And God gave him to us.

Some people say i am lucky.  Because i no longer have to drive.   Because i no longer have to garden.  Because i no longer have to do chores at home.  But they are wrong. i am lucky because i have a loving and patient wife.  Because i have a cheerful and healthy son.   Because i have friends and family that really care.

blind ambition

June 23, 2008

i guess i am ambitious after all. Not because of my career. Or that i wanted to become a writer. It is because i want my son to stay happy. Remain this way, for the rest of his life.

underdog, not

June 19, 2008

i never thought i’d ever want to see the C’s beat L.A. as they did. things change i guess. they’ve worked so hard and it’s been so long.

no words

June 18, 2008

What do you say to people who have had a second attempt to have a child? No couple deserves it more. But I can not say, it is not for me to decide. What comfort can i offer. None. But i am here to listen when they are ready to talk about it.