road trip

March 4, 2007

Went on my first road trip with my son a few weeks back (although it seems like ages now). He held up fairly well for a toddler (at least I thought so) – weaving and bobbing to the soundtrack of Cars as we merrily, merrily drove down the street. He seemed to quite like the drive as we suspected he would. The routes could have been more scenic (less of the same with only a spattering of exceptional sites ) but the weather was cooperative (could have been really hot for the time of year) and the roads were well maintained (frankly much more than I am accustomed to). The stopovers were great but (more than these) I wonder whether my son will remember (and if so with any fondness) the journey itself and that feeling of being on the open road and the possibility of finding adventure in the ordinary.

To be continued?