My e-mail from close, personal people aside, I have managed to read assorted snippets from the work of Edward Said. I probably should have read Mobs, Messiahs and Markets prior to the subprime-induced crash in the US.


Some other interesting reads:

  • They Called Me Judas
  • Boss Danding


Have “read” a few more things since October of ’06…

Currently polished off an interesting work about words (aptly titled): Words Words Words by David Crystal (a renowned Oxford linguist). Check it out if you ever get the chance.

Other works include…

…the inconvenience of climate change…

…a biography of the world’s most famous equation…

…a distillation of Christianity and its beliefs…

…an insight into the essence of Buddhism…

…the paradox of the growing counter-productivity of information technology…

So I guess this is in gamma now….

in beta…

the last book i read (and actually finished reading):

The Science of Superheroes

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