purpose of being

March 30, 2014

this blog is personal – it is not meant to advance a specific purpose.  I write to enhance my skill and as a form of therapy: to share and express my feelings. It is there to help clarify  and develop my thoughts on various subjects. On occasion, there is a rare insight but that is more of light bulb moment rather an attempt to put forth a formal case – sometimes there is a point but that is not the sole intention of the online journal.

triple A

March 29, 2014

there is a belief that you should try to write 15 minutes a day – like exercise it can be habit forming.  They say action leads to behaviour (and not the other way around as we are usually told).   I am sure it is not original but thinking about it I need to start evaluating my work according to three factors (this may eventually expand based on experience):

1.  Audience.  Who is it meant for.

2.  Argument. It may not always succeed in influencing or convincing others but it should at least try to.

3.  Action.  What is the desired effect or what do you intend for them to do?

This may be far from being comprehensive but it is a start.