two out of three ain’t bad

December 17, 2016

Teague Ezard is one of my of my favourite chefs (long before he appeared on Masterchef Australia –  although in fairness, they did introduce me to a number of chefs).  We recently tried Ezard while we were in Melbourne because we really liked the food at Black in Sydney.  Both were good but we preferred the latter.  Will try Gingerboy the next time we go back to Melbourne.

Almost had to cancel our booking due to uncontrollable circumstances but managed as I was insistent since Rockpool and Guillaume’s closed this year. When I can, will try to eat at restaurants on my list given the opportunity (and make plans for others).

Studying and living in Australia reinforced in me the notion that you like what you like.   I’m not a fan of the term: “guilty pleasure”.  I believe enjoyment is personal and shouldn’t be a social construct of what is deemed “hot or not”(understanding fully since I was also a teenager).  I consider trendmakers and influencers (and even role-models to a certain extent) as starting points and it is, ultimately, up to your own tastes or what you derive pleasure from (or what you believe). You and not external sources should decide (although they can be invaluable guides).  It’s important to find individuals you can relate to at some level.  Maybe it’s “easier” for me since I was never part of the “in” crowd.

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