a rock and a hard place

September 13, 2015

as a person living with a disability I’m usually caught in the middle (as I suspect others are) of, as Graeme Innes has put it, the soft bigotry of low expectations and the pervasiveness of “normalcy”.  The former often comes in the opportunity depravation, particularly employment, and the latter is often exemplified, not to be crass, but by toilets.

We do certain things because we want to or we have to and our actions are not meant to be “inspiration porn” as the late Stella Young said.  Most people make terribly wrong assumptions because they are legitimately ignorant:  they’re either uneducated or unexposed.  That’s why advocacy plays a key role.  A few, often loud, people are just plain stubborn or hateful – I often have to bite my tongue and remind myself about what Bismarck said about arguing with fools.

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