a walk to remember

September 8, 2015

i’m not a big fan of the movie but it seemed a very apt title for this post.  It is a reappropriation (at least that’s my excuse).

There are a number of “simple” things I’ve taken for granted.  There are a number of things (each one arguably meriting a post of their own) but I’d like to bring my attention to walking.

I now rely on a four-wheel walker to get around.  While it’s helped me a lot, the irony is I use my hands more (by placing enormous weight on them) and have to unlearn some of the things that’s kept me safe and prevented me from falling.   I’ve always relied on the “strength” in my top-half rather than the bottom part in order to compensate and manage.  I’ve got to develop my core and lower extremities to walk faster and “properly”.

I’ve to remember a lot and think consciously when I walk.  A lot of “practise” is involved in order to try to get my legs to do what my brain’s expecting.  It’s truly astonishing how we can perform this task seemingly “effortlessly” – it truly is a wonder of evolution.  But the “difficulty” has long been underscored by the field of robotics and the challenges of maintaining balance while walking on two hind legs – co-ordination is a non-trivial feat.


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