upside down

December 14, 2013

i attended a few philosophy workshops recently and they “enhanced” some of my views .  As it should, it made me think.  It was designed to make you reflect – and on that regard it was successful.

I came to the conclusion that I should read more on a post-colonial theorist  to see whether his work is relevant to my research. In my humble opinion, research needs to accessible to everyone – and not just a few intellectuals and the elites as it was traditionally made for.   In my view, most research has to be practicable to have any sort of impact on everyday life.  Sure most times, “amateurs” need the help of “professionals” to articulate their thoughts.  It’s not the more “formal” theories aren’t valid (they often make a lot of sense) but every opportunity should be provided to give a “voice” to those people usually marginalised by society.

In order to provide a “useful” education, we are often enamored by technical skills.  There is nothing wrong with providing these functional competencies to employ someone for a certain job or advance their career.  I think that it is only practicable given the current economic climate.  I just think there’s an unhealthy obsession with the “how” and not enough emphasis put on the “why”.  We should also give the students the ability to think critically and reflect on their actions and lives.  As in everything, I think balance is key.

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