sliding doors

August 12, 2013

a video presentation for my mum’s birthday was prepared by my younger brother and his close friend: an IT manager and a medical doctor respectively. I’m no “hippie” but it got me thinking about work-life balance again.  we place too much emphasis on work as a source of identity – I did not help, sometimes having two jobs.  Sundays were the greatest form of social legislation, no matter what religious tradition you hail from.  All work and no play not only makes Jack a dull boy, I believe, but an unproductive one.

Not only is respite needed but partaking in other activities may, directly or indirectly, benefit one’s “work”. According to the Harvard Business Review, prospective employers now look for Master of Fine Arts graduates to complement their legion of MBAs and to provide out of the box thinking.

I wonder what they could have achieved if the economic pressures were not so great and the machinery to produce “skilled” automatons for industry was not so dominant.


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