the bonfire of the vanities

August 4, 2013

Not because of this week’s homily but because of the actions of others – if it doesn’t affect me than to each his own.  Yesterday when I was at church, some one had the audacity to park perpendicular across  2 disabled parking spots and they didn’t even have a permit.  It’s not uncommon for people to park in spots they shouldn’t. If the lot slots is chokers, then it can happen but I can’t seem to get around it when there are “clearly” vacant slots.  A gentleman was using the special stall in the men’s toilet – that would have been quite understandable if it were full because nobody can ignore nature’s call.  What got to me is that it was completely empty save for him. It can “easily” lead to the impression that they feel they are more “important” than the rest of us. No country has a monopoly on selfishness – wherever I go this frustrating and infuriating behavior is present.  I know that I express my anger in unhealthy ways: I either overreact or bottle it up – Lord knows I’m trying.  Some individuals make it difficult to believe that people are inherently “good”. I shudder to think what these people would do if they held any “real” power.


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