July 30, 2013

my wife’s cousin’s husband helped (who am I kidding, he did it mostly himself) us put together our “new” exercise bike.  Fortunately, he was around because we would not have much success assembling it without him.  Ease to manufacture does not usually translate to ease of assembly. During the frustrating part of putting things together, the corporation’s bottom-line is far from the consumer’s mind.  It reminds me of the question posed to the person sweeping and their answer of building God’s house.  More often than not, we do not see how our simple roles contribute to the fruition of something greater that we cannot accomplish on our own – it’s not the actual task but how this fits in the “grander” scheme of things.

We, of course, thanked him for his help.  It made me think of how this “small” act might “snowball” to something larger and what effect it will have.  We often forget how mundane and inconsequential things can have a significant impact.  Although there often is no direct causation, I can only guess at what flow on effects there will be. I am a big believer that we all make our own luck but lately I catch myself thinking the alignment of planets may have some part to play. I wonder what “dominoes” have been set in motion.

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