communication let me down

July 25, 2013

it was made clear to me that I sometimes communicate aggressively or passively and even both at the same time.  I was always aware of the former but not the last two – I’m not sure what it’s a function of or how long I’ve been that way. I know that communication is much more than the message it’s also the tone and nonverbal cues – but how do you convey these using the written word; I guess that’s why some prefer video chat.  I need to be more assertive rather than aggressive.

Although typing is “slow”-going for me, at least I can be readily understood.  I appreciate having a “voice” more than ever – speech synthesis is just not the same but it’ll have to do.  Even if I’m stuck to the walker until the end of my days, it’s my ability to talk and be readily and timely be understood that eventually is gained back so that I can participate in meetings, be in the classroom again, or even hold a meaningful conversation.  Since I’ve got ears, maybe this is Nature’s way of telling me to keep quiet and listen intently to others.

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