nature and nurture

July 22, 2013

we realised last night that our son leaves the balat for last – saving the “best” until the end.  We found it amusing that he’s like me, his aunt, and his cousin. Like my dad says: “genes.”

There’s a debate whether where you come from (nature) or what you’re exposed to (nurture) is more influential.  Ultimately for most  parents, they just do their best.  You’re not simply a “slave” to your genes (those “tiny letters” are very influential though) but the decisions you make are just as important.  What you inherited from your parents is a starting point and not the final conclusion (as some believe).  You can build on what you have and be conscious about certain things.  While it’s true that a fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, with some “luck” and effort you can “hack” your life.

My son is more into the arts (although he doesn’t struggle with maths.)  My wife and I have a bachelors and masters from La Salle in computing- she even got her doctorate.  That said, I did pass architecture at UP but chose computer science instead; and my father-in-law was both an architect and civil engineer.  I’m also interested in design and currently taking a Ph.D. in another field.  In an interdiciplinary work environment, I think our proclivity for science is a boon for him rather than the bane it was once.  I don’t expect him to be a doctor, lawyer,or engineer but whatever he’s passionate about.

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