more than words

July 21, 2013

I’ll try to write more often.  Not only because it is therapeutic, it is a form of mental exercise, or it will help polish my writing skills but it will allow me to process events and reflect on what I can learn from them.

I need to learn how not to treat words too “precious” and just publish trying not to “edit” my work too much – after all, the blog allows me the facility for revision.  Aside from my training and my impulse to get it right is my instinct to refine before you share.  Not that you shouldn’t think before speaking (in this case writing) but you need to express yourself. I’m not a big fan of eiher Facebook or Twitter because of the volume of inanity but I can see the value of summarising thoughts and facilitating  social connections – it’s participatory and inclusive nature must be lauded.  It is a convenient mechanism for spreading insight and emotion – like everthing else you need to learn where to look.  It should not be about how clever you are but giving a “voice” to your opinions.

Here’s an article on writing frequently.

To paraphrase Field of Dreams, you should not build it so that they will come – but for yourself.


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