hoop dreams

February 24, 2012

some of my personal bests are:  37 straight free throws during practise, 5 three-pointers at an actual game and 8 three-pointers during a pick-up game – now i’m lucky if i can make a shot.  despite being short i liked being underestimated by opponents, i enjoyed playing defense as a forward, and looked forward to playing against much taller players for the challenge.  i was decent at passing the rock and could play good defense when i wanted to.  i’m not very fast nor do i jump high – as a point guard i used mainly my head.  i wasn’t talented so i used my determination instead – i biked a few Ks just to practise.  i used to play hoops to destress and sometimes when i had bouts of insomnia.  everthing made sense on the court.  it’s not so much the physicality i miss but the creative things i used to be able to do with the ball like the not necessarily behind the back pass.  i wonder if i’ll be able to play basketball that way again.

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