faith, hope and pride

March 13, 2009

i guess i have to learn to swallow my pride.  i probably don’t have enough of  the first two.

i recently had the experience of being in a wheelchair outside of a hospital – it was a different feeling.  i recently got back my South Australian driving license.  Thankfully the only casualty was a tire.

Better me than my son.  My wife.  My siblings.  My parents.  My wife’s family.  My friends.

One Response to “faith, hope and pride”

  1. Claire Says:

    Your blog title reminds me of a passage in the bible about Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of them all is Love. Looks like you have a lot of Love for your family and friends as you’ve mentioned in the last statement. And you also receive plenty of Love from them as well.

    I don’t know why I am writing you, I don’t even know you. Perhaps because you are a namesake of a friend from the past who now lives in Australia. I have the best hopes for my friend’s family. I wish you the same and I hope you have recuperated from what is mysteriously plaguing you.

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