stroke of genius

March 17, 2008

Apparently my GP says I’ve had a mild (read as localized) stroke but she won’t be certain until I have my MRI (oh how I hate cramped spaces). Anyway, it just goes to show you that I’m not as good as some people think. Thankfully, otherwise I’d be dead by now. =)

Not to make light of this (particularly as I have little one) but it probably has helped that my partner has been through so much more and that for the most part it is more inconvenient than anything else that is why I am not as fussed or relatively calm. That said, I do plan on getting better (and having to do the “hard yards” of what I think is involved). Perhaps, I should “express my disgust” a bit more rather than internalise most of it (as I have been trained to do so). Hell, any excuse to curse is fine by me.

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