chucking a wobbly

April 22, 2007

They say building a house is one of the most stressful experiences one can have – second only to divorce. Not to make any excuses but there were a number of extenuating factors that ultimately led to my unfortunate outburst. Long story short i should have probably “deeped breathley” and turned down my decibel levels.

Stepping back – i probably should have done it a bit differently. Their fault (and deservedly or not) i am toying with the possibility of offering an apology for my misconduct. Unfortunately for them, timing is everything and bystanders (innocent or not) easily enough become collateral damage. Still it would have certainly helped if the person at the other end of the line was a bit more gracious rather than egregious and cantankerous.

To my credit, it has been a while since my last episode and given my genetic predisposition this was nowhere near as visceral as the one then. And here i thought i had been mellowing with age (perhaps even maturing) or maybe even gaining composure as a father of a precocious, young child. I guess i must just get myself back on the wagon and keep on working on my equanimity – for everyone’s sake.

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